Herend porcelain dinnerware and figurines are of top quality, handmade and hand painted by talented artisans who impress their creativeness with fancy combination of colors that attach timelessness to their porcelain works of art.

Herend products are available in 60 countries, used in palaces and displayed in museums since 1826 when the company was established in the town of Herend, west Hungary. Actually the biggest factory in Europe is the largest porcelain factory in the world.

Queen Victoria (1851) dined with Herend porcelain dinnerware and had a big collection of them at Windsor Castle, while Princess Deena had the Herend Christmas decorations on top priority. Herend Hellas is proud to give you here in Athens the opportunity to enjoy the distinctive luxury and unparallel quality of Herend porcelain.

Top quality porcelain, handmade…

Today Herend porcelain dinnerware and artistic figurines are sold in more than 350 luxury shops around the world, all certified by Herend. The only way to be certain what you buy is authentic is through the authorized Herend representatives. In Greece we represent the Herend products exclusively in our shop at 1 Valaoritou str., Kolonaki, Tel. +30-210-362007 where an extensive collection is available.